Black Truffle Balsamic Vinegar

Product Description

We are very excited to offer this savory Black Truffle Balsamic. Use with blander foods to showcase the brilliant truffle flavor. Combine it with Garlic Infused Olive Oil for a Potato Gratin. Toss in Rigatoni with fresh mozzarella. Garnish Cheese Grits for a main course or side dish. Perfect for that exquisite finishing touch to hearty stews. Add it to cream cheese for an appetizer spread. Sear scallops, add to risotto, make a truffle butter, put it in your deviled eggs! FYI, a little goes a long way, and remember that truffle likes to be center stage, like all true stars. Pairs well with: Garlic Infused Olive Oil, and any of the Citrus Flavored Extra Virgin Olive Oils.

$ 18.00

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